Climb Carstensz pyramid Indonesia and be ready to take a challenge

czToday we are bombarded with unhealthy food choices through commercials everywhere. We don’t get a choice of eating healthy food with high nutritional value due to these attractive commercials and the offers we get on the junk food in the supermarket. This junk food may be very delicious to our taste bud but in the long term it sabotages our health causing some serious diseases like diabetes.

The junk food we regularly take has high sugar, fat and calories which can be the sole reason for many fatal diseases. Eating this unhealthy food and no physical exercise damages our body from the inside and we face a lot of health issues due to it. And when we do suffer, we promise to stay better, eat better and change our way of living but again when we get busy in our lives we forget all of our promises we had made to ourselves and indulge in the same kind of unhealthy lifestyle we were living before.

When we think of getting fit and do something about it, we think of joining a gym or any fitness program, anything that will be beneficial for our health but don’t really get any time for it. We do take out time for holidays to take a break from our daily routine and have a relaxing time. Adventurous holidays are the best for your physical fitness. Climb Carstensz pyramid Indonesia to make sure you have that much needed break and you also do something for your health.

But we indulge in more unhealthy habits in the vacations then we actually care to admit. We even put on some weight from over eating. Instead of repairing our body this vacation, we tend to do its exact opposite. It pushes us further into the world of unhealthy lifestyle. But what if this vacation is combined with a unique fitness regime? In that way we can both have a wonderful time while staying fit and losing some weight. This is the unique idea behind a taking a challenge and mountain climbing.

Such mountain climbing trips can be a challenge for those people with unhealthy lifestyle, but it will be all worth it as these trips will totally change your outlook of seeing life. This unique of combining a holiday with staying fit inspires and motivates people to make healthy choices in life and the significance of making them.

It is ideal for both kinds of people, one who does not give any thought about fitness in their daily life, and the other who are fitness freak in real life and are apprehensive that going on a vacation may sabotage their daily fitness routine. Climb Carstensz pyramid today and get some adventure under your belt this vacation. To know details visit:


Try Carstensz expedition 2014 for a healthy vacation

When anyone hears the word holiday the first thing that comes to everybody’s mind is unlimited fun and a blast of a time. The type of work you do these days without taking out any time to spare a thought about relaxing makes you desperate for taking a break. And you are not to blame if you desperately want a holiday; because you totally deserve it after the amount of efforts you put in your work.

So, going on a vacation is really a great option that provides the perfect opportunity to relax your body and mind and clear your head for setting new targets.

But when this vacation can be a combination of getting relaxed with some health benefits added to it, it really becomes an offer too good to refuse. Carstensz expedition 2014 is such an offer where fun is combined with health. In this you climb in a group and explore Carstensz pyramid and its mystery.

_9857718455It has really become a very popular and a hot favourite among adventure seekers. It is such a favourite because of its unique concept to break free from the stereotypical vacation trips. Hiking and trekking in the valley to the beautiful mountain top, is a kind of a holiday that not only just sounds exciting and inviting but are also full of benefits.

Carstensz pyramid is one of the best destinations to choose from when contemplating for going on this kind of an adventurous trip. Most people do not know that the physical activities like walking and trekking that are involved in this are very beneficial to one’s health.

It is known to control diabetes and it helps you to lose the extra pounds that you gain in your unhealthy lifestyle. Let’s just say it provides an ideal opportunity to get fit while having a great time at the whole trip.

These types of climbing expeditions are also perfect to boost your mental health by spending more time with the nature in the open. The visual delight will bring you happiness and make you feel relaxed and at peace.

Apart from being beneficial in a healthy way this kind of vacation is also economical when considered to your regular idea of vacation. As you are in a group and everything is shared between all, the cost of everything comes significantly down making it an economical option.

You can visit many websites that provide ideal packages for climbing expeditions or hiking trips that are tailor made keeping your needs and requirements in mind. To know details visit:

Climb Carstensz pyramid for a wonderful experience

Mountain Climbing could be a difficult sport that needs mental commitment, fitness, strength in your arm and legs that may permit you to handle the strength that the climb demands. Mental commitment is crucial otherwise your strength will be of no use.

Mountain climbing enthusiasts claim that the sense of accomplishment and satisfaction in reaching the peak in a climbing expedition is terrific. You challenged yourself to win and this is often why it is so exhilarating.

Rock Climbing began as a man’s sport. This has drastically changed recent years as ever increasing numbers of women became interested. Today, you ca see many examples of successful women mountain climbers that have tamed the world’s biggest peaks without any difficulty whatsoever.

Overall, mountain climbing has certainly become an activity that men and women like. This activity becomes even more fun for enthusiast if the climb is a little challenging. One of the most challenging peaks in the world today is the Carstensz pyramid.

Mountain climbing is exciting, adventurous and fun, provided you are doing it through the proper means. The climb depends on your route, your experienced guide and your level of experience. Mountain climbing is often a bit risky and the maximum amount depends on the weather, the mountain, and different conditions.

Being equipped with the proper reasonable gear is extremely vital to climb Carstensz pyramid. These days, there are different types of modern equipment that are available for climbing in the market. The gear is sturdy, light-weight and very useful for you when you embark on a climbing expedition.

There are quite few completely different climbing gear packages available in the market. You will be able to browse through the mountain climbing gear package and judge which one is the right one for you that suits the style of climbing you are doing best. You will be able to buy whatever tat is necessary with ease.

If you are thinking to climb Carstensz pyramid then you can visit many websites that provide climbing expeditions for enthusiast with experienced guides. You will have no problem when an expert will be there with you to guide you through the climb.

Mountain climbing experiences are unpredictable as it will not just physically stimulate you, however it will also affect you mentally. The atmosphere can vary from freezing conditions to hot and humidity as you climb altitude which will change the weather and sub angles. These changes challenge your power to go ahead, improve and navigate the climb properly. To know details